Release Notes

Version 1.0.3

Release Note:

  • UI Enhancements
  • Fixes

UI Enhancements

Clearer errors and notifications  

We have improved our errors and notifications throughout the platform. You can expect to see clearer wording and calls to action in the following sections throughout the platform: 

  • Segment page 
  • Drag and drop beta editor 
  • Footer management  
  • Image template page 
  • Template library (WYSIWIG) page 
  • While creating a list 
  • While creating a relational table 
  • While creating a campaign tag 
  • While creating custom fields 
  • Live content page 
  • While creating dynamic content and navigating to another page 
  • Coupon bank page 
  • Countdown timer screen 
  • New dynamic content page 
  • Content feed page 


Additional enhancements

  1. Previously, when you created a new campaign or a new list, it was added to the bottom of the list on the bottom of the last page. This isn’t ideal, so we fixed it. Now when you create a new campaign or a new list, the new item will appear at the top of the page. 
  2. New tooltips will now appear throughout the platform to help guide you. You can expect to see these new tooltips in the following areas: 
    1. Cleansing Rules 
    2. Segments 
    3. Web Tracking Script Builder
  3. We’ve corrected a few typos throughout the application to help you move about in a more efficient way.  
  4. Easily remove widgets from the acquisition builder and the data journey builder 


Easily change links and URLs in sent campaigns  

Previously it was not possible for you to change links and URLs in sent campaigns without assistance. Now you can do it on your own. 

How to add a new URL: 

  • Navigate to the Campaigns index screen and click on Change Content URL button 
  • A pop-up will appear which will contain ALL URLs in the account which can be replaced 
  • Select the URL which you need to change and then enter the new URL 
  • The new URL will replace the old URL in all sent and scheduled campaigns 

*It’s important to note that using this feature will change the Old URL in ALL sent and scheduled campaigns and replace it with the New URL, across the account.* 


Filter contacts from branded lists  

You can now choose a brand in a segment rule, and then filter contacts from one or more of the branded lists.  

How to find this new function: 

Step 1: Navigate to Segments 

Step 2: Select New Segment  

Step 3: Add New Rule 

Step 4: Select In Brand 


New font list in dynamic content  

There is now an updated font list in the new dynamic content. You can see the new list by: 

Step 1: Navigate to Email 

Step 2: Select Content 

Step 3: Select Dynamic Content   


Filter contacts in branded Do Not Mail lists  

You can now easily filter contacts in different branded Do Not Mail lists. Previously all Do Not Mail contacts from ALL brands were shown in one list. Now you can filter into separate lists based on brand.   


Reduced segment event triggers in journeys and data journeys  

We have reduced the number of times that you can set a recurring segment event trigger in journeys and data journeys. Currently, you can select up to 24 times (hours) to trigger the journeys. Maropost is reducing this number to 8. Also, you will not be able to select two consecutive times in the selection. For example, you cannot select 08:00 and 09:00. You may select 08:00 and 10:00.  

Why is Maropost making these changes?  

This change will ensure that these functions are running more smoothly and can process data at an optimal rate.  

Previously these features were burdened by the task of processing too much data. This resulted in very slow processing for all our customers. Now you will experience must better and quicker data processing.  

How will this change impact my existing journeys and data journeys setup?  

This will currently not impact your existing journeys or data journeys. It will only impact any journeys or data journeys you create in the future. However, if you attempt to edit your existing journeys you will be confined to the new limitations. 


Archive and filter dynamic content tags   

Now you can easily archive dynamic content tags in order to filter the active dynamic content tags. You can access the Archive List from the drop-down menu on the top left.


New Editor Type column added to content and template library index page  

Now it’s easy to view the editor type in the content and template libraries on the index page.  You will see a new column in the content and template libraries page that says Editor Type. See the image below. 


Improvements to the WYSIWYG editor  

  1. We made a change in the WYSIWYG editor to enable easier search for images. You can use the search bar on the left sidebar to type in the image name and search for it across all folders.
  2. We’ve fixed the toolbar in the WYSIWYG editor so it does not move, and you can easily access it while editing the content.